Grow your app without spending time or money on localization

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String Catalog Translator screenshot showing the translation UI

Increase downloads with automatic AI translation

- No need for translators or big localization budget
- Supports OpenAI and DeepL translation
- Cost-efficient batch translation *
- Improved translation quality with app description to provide AI model additional context
- Choose what translations to apply
- Edit translations for manual corrections

* Translating more than 500 keys with GPT 3.5 Turbo into 10 languages resulted in a 0.02$ cost. DeepL has a free plan for 500.000 characters / month.

Avoid crashes and bad translations with validation

Invalid arguments can cause runtime crashes. Other problems lead to wrong strings. String Catalog Translator finds and fixes these issues for you.

WarningsAuto-fixable errors
Translation lengthUnordered arguments
Non-matching argumentsInvalid arguments (whitespace, typos)
Missing translationInvalid and missing substitutions
Other substitution issuesNon-matching format specifiers
String Catalog Translator screenshot showing the validation UI
String Catalog Translator screenshot showing the search and filter UI

Stay organized in small and big string catalogs

- Translate only new strings by filtering for untranslated keys
- Filter for stale keys to remove obsolete keys in one click
- Search and filter for anything
- Copy paste translations e.g. from English US to English UK

Stop wasting time editing String Catalogs in Xcode

Xcode allows only selection of a single key. In String Catalog Translator you can select multiple keys. With a single click you can:- Delete many keys
- Mark many keys as reviewed / needs review


Feedback and questions are welcome by email. Or message me on Twitter and Mastodon.Privacy: String Catalog Translator only tracks anonymous product usage with TelemetryDeck.

String Catalog Translation apps

Better than other apps

FeatureString Catalog TranslatorTranslateKitGlobifyLocalizatorPolyglot
(later 3€ / mo or 50 € one time)
6€ / mo or
99 € one time
41€ or
83€ / mo
7€ / mo18€ one time
OpenAI Translation
Edit translations
Autofix errors
Vary by device & plural
Add / remove languages✔️
(Only remove)
Multi select
Remove keys
Edit review state
Large catalog support1

1 Tested with a large string catalog with 5000 keys and more than 30 languages. The ❌ means the app either crashed or was mostly unresponsive or could not open the file.